How can Español Express help me?

Spanish for adults

Be able to do everyday activities in Spanish, socialise with your neighbours and take part in the community. 

 Spanish for younger people

EE helps your children with Spanish and/or Valencian language at school and also with the preparation of official exams (DELE, GCSE and A levels). 

  Business Spanish

Open your business to the Spanish market and be able to communicate with your new clients in their own language. 


 Spanish for specific purposes 

If you  need to learn specific language or vocabulary, (medical, architecture, etc.) EE can help you too.

Spanish culture

Practise your Spanish while learning more about this beautiful country and the  Valencia and Alicante regions. 

 Focus on specific skills

Improve your pronunciation or your writing skills, increase your general vocabulary or feel more confident when speaking in public in Spanish. 

 Translations to Spanish

If you need to produce any text in Spanish, EE can translate it to Spanish or check the text writing, grammar and style for you.