Ken, Wales, United Kingdom

"Maria loves her subject, and this translates to enthusiasm which is immediately picked up by her students. I was fortunate to be one of those students in the Spring of 2011 and loved every minute of the class. The course and Maria's teaching gave me a great base from which to improve my Spanish. Maria is a great help to anyone looking to improve their written and spoken Spanish skills."

Geoff, United Kingdom

"Aprecié mucho que las clases siempre eran divertidas. María tenía un estilo animado y nos enseñaba con mucho entusiasmo. ¡Nunca las clases eran aburridas! Por otro lado, aprecié mucho la estructura de las clases, con las presentaciones al principio que nos muestran lo que íbamos a hacer - era muy profesional, muy organizada, muy clara y divertida también. Además las presentaciones nos dieron unas buenas referencias. Finalmente, aprecié como María nos apoyaba cuando había algo que no entendíamos - con mucha paciencia para entender el problema y explicarlo - incluso nos ayudaba fuera de la clase. En resumen, las clases eran una experiencia muy divertida y aprendí mucho de ellas. ¡Hasta la próxima!

Ilina, United States

"María is a wonderful teacher and a great person! She always has a smile on her face and is very enthusiastic about helping people learn Spanish. I know she helped a lot! My level of speaking Spanish was at a minimal, but I took a Phonetics course with her thinking that it will be very hard to learn the exact pronunciation of words in Spanish. However, she helped me not only learn Phonetics, but more importantly understand and speak Spanish better. María has a great teaching technique and a lot of useful resources to help you feel comfortable with the material, even if you don't understand a word or you don't know how to conjugate a verb, etc. She takes the time to explain everything until you've fully grasped the concept. Not only is she a language teacher to you, but also a great guide to anything you want to know about Spain, the culture or the area you live in. If I had the chance, I would definitely take another class with María!"

Dana, United States

"I took an Hispanic Dialectology course with María when I studied abroad in Valencia, Spain and I loved it. María made learning about the regional varieties of vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation in the Spanish speaking world fascinating and fun! She has a lot of patience and can explain concepts in a variety of ways until you understand. We had interesting conversations about Spanish cuture in her class as well. I had a small class with her so I got to know her well and she is a pleasure to have as a teacher, always smiling and enthusiastic. I would recommend her to anyone learning Spanish!"

Floriaan, Eindhoven, Holland

"The clases with María were always fun and informative. María is very patient and the most important thing: she’s able to explain everything very well. On my school in Holland I had (and have) Spanish clases too, and we talked about the same grammar. In Holland I did not understand it, but after a short explanation of María it was total clear for me. It was also nice that she speaks English as well (and a little Dutch) because when you don’t understand a word or something, she’s able to explain it in another language."